Cigar City Brewing, Either/Or, Soren Kierkegaard is So Pissed Rite Now Guize.

Oh I get it, Either and Or are the same beer, existential paradigm shift FOR MAXIMUM LULZ!

Cigar City Brewing, 11% abv Black Ale

This should just calls itself a stout and stop lying to its parents. It has a nice malty chocolate smokiness to it with a fantastic clean finish. I really like the tobacco notes within the malt. The beer stole some notes from Schelling’s Philosophy of Revelation and it seems like Either/Or is brewed with the one recipe Soren Kierkegaard used in the mid-1800’s. You know? It’s like on one hand we have a beer from Florida, renowned for hedonism, then we have the rest of the country, inclined to careful reflection. BUT I STILL WANT TO MASH ON THIS. An inherent dichotomy presents itself.

I would def. recommend picking this up and sharing it with some of your hippy friends and watch the metaphysical arguments spin out of control.

this beer didn't solve Problem of Evil inherent in existence, NOT EVEN MAD THO.

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