Telegraph Brewing Gypsy Ale, GYPSY CURSES ABOUND

Telegraph Gypsy ale, the perfect beer to take with you before you move to Hungary and begin an Oliver Twist career of pickpocketing handkerchiefs.

Telegraph Gypsy Ale, 8% abv, American Wild Ale

This beer has a nice tartness to it with a sour cherry and grape tannin note to it that is crisp but juicy at the same time, like Lil B’s intricate rap verses. There’s a rad plum taste that I shared with some bros while watching a Cal game, they told me that it tasted like juice, WHICH IS PRETTY OKAY.

I would read again, 5/5, recommend to casual acquaintance. Move to Romania, start slanging plums.

This beer had a good idea, but took some missteps in execution.

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