Please don’t talk about 2019 Revolution [regular old] Straight Jacket, things will only get worse for us

Last year’s [regular old] Straight Jacket had a paradigm shift of sorts. The Chicago sleeper used to enjoy long rests on shelves in distro but with a tectonic palate shift now embracing all things Barley: Rolos are now part of the milieu. So last year I know they back blended 30% of the inimitable VSOJ to temper the usual sweetness and the oaky depth was evident. As a result, the usually tame release last year was a packed house that sold out variants. Then @revbrewchicago really lit themselves up by canning VSOJ, and suddenly even bluntpalate London ale III boys were interested. As a result cans of that now flip for $40 and we are witnessing cracks in the firmament. But ROSJ is our bulwark. Surely there’s too much of it for shitlord flippers to poison this water hole. Well get ready for a snake 🐍 in your boot 🥾 because this year has even more oak and way less of the residual toffee sweetness. It feels older and older and I suspect they @fremontbrewing this with some 18 month barrels stepping on that fresh brown sugar powder. The nose has a Darjeeling dryness, lacquer, planed lumber. It feels far older and in a way reminds me of that eagle rare 17 where you suspect there’s far older casks being blended in. The taste has some bananas fosters and then gives the stage for leather, allspice, hardcandies, and bread pudding. Mouthfeel is slick and the oiliest this side of Very Special orange juice. It has a heft unlike the other barleyesque deep wood offerings and the entire affair aligns with the likes of Barrel Aged Behemoth 2 year, blurring the line between the American cask and English base beer, the way the best barleywines always do. It’s absolutely hilarious that this is in cans and it almost feels like some Earth First activist taking a loss to spread the gospel. This beer requires contemplation and shouldn’t be this mobile or accessible. Rev continues to completely subvert the market and like the Mars Volta of malt, almost aesthetically shames everyone else into improvement by way of contrast. I don’t even want to play bass anymore. #barleywine #bil #barleywineislife #chicagobeer #chicago #revolution #instabeer #beerstagram #bourbon #barrelaged


Revolution Brewing Boss Ryeway: who is even using Armagnac casks these days?

Let’s just get this out of the way up top, this is vastly better than this years @revbrewchicago regular old ryeway which was a touch disappointing in light of last years stellar performance. There’s a Thanos balance to the Deep Wood program, it’s always solid but spikes of greatness provide the inertia to bring us back to center. Balance in all things. Mineshaft was good but the [regular old] SJ last year with the 30%vsoj back blended In completely set the curve. This year’s ryeway was nice but then you have this insane Big Boss shattering the Raiden class average. It’s darkkk with tons of molasses and maple, very saturated in those sticky staves with pecan and almond skin to balance the sweetness. There’s a kinda dusty cracked walnut providing light bitterness as an offset. Pie filling isn’t what this beer is all about and at its malty core is a throbbing interior of prune and fig. I know nothing about the spirit profile in the French brandy other than it’s made with disgusting grapes and straight up gilded age capitalist/retirement home juice. Apparently it has some properties to propel Urkel to Stefan when it enters that chamber. It’s hard to believe that the spicy wafty swallow of regular ryeway shares the same base beer lineage as this exists as a vast improvement. The body is surprisingly restrained in light of the Marie Callendar’s lineup iterated above. The nose bursts with cassia bark and almost reminds me of a Sazerac in a way, the New Orleans cocktail, not the laughably overpriced BTAC rye. Carb is nice but unsurprisingly is lovingly sheeted away by the massive legs like some fusel zambonie. The swallow could be a touch longer but increased viscosity would take away from how focused the entire beer is and we don’t need Marty ripping open bags of DME and going full Floridian on us. In sum this is a fantastic experience that bends genre conventions from the parade of British confectionary toffee caramel parade we see in the core barleybang experience. I wish I had more because this is absolutely well done and my little pecayunes won’t detract from this decadent gem.

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Spicy New Barleywine is Life merch: Festival Maris


🌶 spicy new #BIL gear 🚨 Maris has moved from Snap to Tiktok, hitting Coachella and Burning Man real hard with a pastryarchy smashing crown of regal flora. New shirts/sweaters/totes/leggings on sale. The leggings are terrifying. I’m not joking. But these shirts are 💯 link in bio. #bil #otters #barleywine #maris #otter #beer #beers #beerbelly #beer🍺 #beerporn #beergeek #beerlovers #beernerd #beerme #beerbeerbeer #beerlove #beerlife #beerpics #beergram #beertography #craftbeer #beerstagram #beerenthusiast #beerofinstagram #beeradvoate #hops.


Malt Couture Batch 29: Dark Lord, Aquavit, farmhouse drama, Scratch Brewing, Good Beer Hunting. Absolute Unit

I’m not gonna lie to your guys: 2019 is gonna be lit as hell is @maltcoutureddb batch 29 is any indication. We tackle the @scratchbeer drama over farmhouse ales, address the @goodbeerhunting article and even have special guest @sylvester_bob from @saintsomewherebrewing offer some sage words about the dispute. Also we drink Aquavit Dark Lord paired with actual Aquavit that was aged on a boat that went below the equator and back, things get really out of pocket. Link below



Dark Sky Brewing 3333333333 is restrained in a field of excess

@dark_sky_brewing are some hucksters that continue to evolve and massage the rapidly evolving AZ beer scene. One parts @centralwaters in body and another part @weldwerksbrewing in conceptual execution. It’s like restrained pastry, the snackwell cakes in a realm of excess. If you feel that beers like Parabola provide ample screen time to develop several other B story characters like rum bourbon coconut and vanilla in a 90 minute runtime then this is for you. It’s tightly knit, wafty without a long lingering swallow, that dialed in body that’s lightly oily with a tootsie roll and macaroon finish. It could be more hefty but I’d rather err on the side of those Julian Schrago low drops rather than suffer through god damn DME battermess. This is a good beer that fails to swing on the heaviest of weights in the genre. That’s a milieu I am content with.


Casey Funky Blender Preserves BlackBerry is exceptional in tannins and acid and oak, oh lawd it comin

Funk? No! Captain Funk. God damn Casey sometimes swerves into acidity or fruit reliance but often the flawless helix of brett and barrel and grist and tannins merge like some wallonian Captain Planet 🌎 and this is the result. They are champions of undercutting their own absurdly well done stock and people will step on their own labias to try Jammy and leave those Randian Colorado residents knowingly sipping the dank shit furtively. So many wild ales I receive and enjoy maybe 8 ounces. I feel my masticary flows and gums tighten but not here. In some @caseybrewing stonefruit missteps? Sure. But god damn this is intensely enjoyable #fruit #musk #funk #colorado #beer #beerstagram #instabeer


Three Chiefs Uno, Stripping Down the Adjunct and Cask accoutrements str8 nakie

In the valley of the damned

Days breaks with golden strand

Over pastures green it glows

To where night returns.

This is the new @threechiefsbeer and it’s a bold departure from the prior canon. No adjuncts. Essentially no casking. [inb4 lololol the prior beers had no cask 1!1!1!1] but essentially this is fully naked. I admire pulling the curtain away especially for such a young hypemachine. It’s viscous, toasted pumpernickel and baker’s chocolate, nespresso pods, and oddly sweeter than the castles variants so the oak must temper the residual sugars of the base. It’s frothy and has a great sustain and sheeting throughout. It’s not on par with Faha but this is more like a posthumous unfinished Nakobov novel. You can see the inner workings but it lacks the polish of the fully developed entries. It’s entertaining to compare this to the non casked wakefield entries because they are exceedingly similar but I would give this a slight edge. It is telling because you don’t see @gooseisland rolling out the nightstalker or BCBS secret sauce or pulling its pants down for a pre barrel maltoscopy. I appreciate the vulnerability. I don’t see Cory tossing naked ass Derivations in bottles but maybe that’s because none of these beers feel finished compared to their insanely polished barrel aged counterparts. There’s a ton of tired crude/refinery/chevron bits and tags I will spare you from. Let’s just stipulate that the petrolepuns were rendered. 200 dudes will still line up along El Segundo to hit even the stripped down bottles from 3C and I don’t entirely blame them. No one else would prep a massive non ba beer like this, it’s being vetted specifically for thinning in barrels so in this form it’s excessive in a fun way

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