Dominion City, north field saison, more like way way north. All the way up. 

A pretty solid offering from them Mountie boys, albeit not a barn-shifter in the hay baling realm. This is attenuated and Dialed harder than the economy soap aisle, Dove soft, all Levers pulled. It is oddly bitter like pear skin, with a middle body that’s like Lime Le Croix, insubstantially thin body that swallows like prickly Powerade. 

There’s a yeasty phenolic aspect to the swallow kinda akin to banana peel pith that reminds me of Blaugies. It’s very easy to drink but lacks the mouthfeel or complexity of the god tier offerings in this realm. If Jester King is La Coste, this is somewhere in the Gant spectrum. dominioncity continues to make beers that are super delicate however not the loudest attention seeking rabble rousers on the farm.


Oxbow Catalyst, Ann: “u can copy my homework but change it a lil so we don’t get in trouble”

Any time a ba honey saison drops the Ann comparisons are hot in the de miel realm, which is hardly ever fair. This lacks the grace and creamy poise of that Whaley giant but provides its own citrus honeycomb 🐝 run up the fretboard. 

Lacing, retention and carb all leave something to be desired and wisp away instantly like that classic Upland sucrose krausening that Irish goodbyes immediately. The nose however is phenomenal and offers a flower bomb bouquet of cut lime, zested lemon, mealy Sierra Mist, and a hint of agave nectar. Barrel presence is muted and drying and contributes a type of Riesling finish to the swallow making you feel like a Step mom driving a Chrysler Pacifica with three car seats.

 It is intensely drinkable almost to a fault, the 500ml was gone insanely fast and had the same trappings of a jester king 750: is it a fault if the beer is TOO crushable? Is it a sleight if it’s so pleasant it doesn’t command your attention and merely provides a gentle joi de vivre for the moment? Well the Chainsmokers went platinum so anything is possible. This is a fantastic beer and has nods to the inimitable oxbow ba pale ale, that perfect g spot of accessibility to quality compelling multiple farmhouse climaxes in the hay loft.


Benchmark Brewing Hildegard, the season of RC Cola PtY knockoffs is upon us

Around February every brewery with grist to mill sets out and drops their own “zomg PtY destroyer” and it becomes this anomalous season of endless triple ipas right around Valentine’s Day when ex-bando beer nerds are getting the most mileage out of their Real Dolls. 

Tipa is an inherently clunky socks and sandals kinda style, not quite comfortable and very easily falling in the oppressively tactless aesthetic. This beer is not quite Pliney the Hypedest, but it is unquestionably well crafted. There is an overriding lack of balance and aquanet ethanol waft that warms the whole squad like hood whippets. It has a massive pine and mandarin presence, there’s a honey like some GMO enhanced Hopslam. The middle swallow is artfully dialed in, arugula with blood orange fernet. It’s extremely complex but almost too massive for its own good, crushing like a Dark Souls boss but so fulfilling to complete.


Kuhnhenn Sherry Barrel Aged Nine, Sherry from accounting harshing the good times talking about OSHA

What an odd duck we have here. At first blush I thought I was in for some off brand bb4d goodness, then I saw the treatment and the abv and my expectations were more tapered than Bruno Mars’s jeans. Sherry. What are we gonna do with this deviant? It has the same burnt raisin, port wine, orchard decay type of smell you expect, toffee buried underneath gasping for air. 

I mean, it’s fine, but this beer is like having a son who scraps copper for living and your older barleywine son is a poetleaureate. Compelling argument for nurture over nature. There’s a pleasant Old ale underpinning with toasted pumpernickel and flan, but then here comes Sherry from accounting ruining everyone’s good times saying “you can’t have a katana sword in the break room.” 

The sherry reminds me of plum hookah, weird tobacco meets false fruit found in flavored dental products. You can do far worse but knowing what Kuhnhenn is capable of, this beer dropped out of Brown to pursue its dreams of being an old ale tattoo artist. I just expected more, come on, flash art?