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If you wish to contact me to donate beer/complain/tell me my palate is shitty/exude unqualified praise, you can reach me:

On Twitter: Dontdrinkbeer Twitter
On Facebook: Dontdrinkbeer Facebook

Get on that grizzy, I will be waiting.

30 thoughts on “Donate Beer/Contact/Complain

    • Hey heads up, St Adarius has bottles of Saison Bernice and on draft, its dam good, not sure if its as good as it was 5 yrs ago, fav of the tasting is variations on a theme – malt couture forever stay high gravity

  1. Hey there,
    I am a cellarman at church brew works in Pittsburgh, pa. I just moved here from VT a year ago. I have homebrew that i am interested in seeing on your blog. I follow this website religiously. Your reviews are hilarious yet very on point. Even if you’re not interested i just wanted to say what’s up, and your blog is righteous!

  2. I would send you some beer from my brewery but I am not a brewer. I am a panhandler that received donations from my local community wanting a place to call their own through a Kickstarter campaign.

  3. Dear arbiter of all things Bruery. Useless question of the day: which Sucre is worth spending my sanitation engineer-salary money on? Reserve Society suckers only get access to Madeira, Rum, Rye, and Tawny Port. Thanks.

    • I enjoyed them in this order: Madeira, rye, port, and rum.

      I would only buy the first two but would gladly drink the latter two.

      Cognac is the best deviant hands down.

  4. Dude this is the funniest shit ive ever read. I just found my new favorite website. Awesome honest reviews without all the beer advocate fanboy bullshit. Thank you.

  5. I buy my steel beer at chevron and I went home to drink it and only about half of the beer came out of the bottle the rest is still in the bottle and it wont come out.

  6. I currently write a beer blog on specific breweries from my travels and the beer I try on site rather than specific beers I can get a hold of at distributors or online. I’m trying to generate some more traffic to my site and would love some tops/pointers/your opinion/doing a guest write for you etc…
    off the wagon: the back rooads to beverage tating (facebook)
    offthewagontasting (instagram)


  7. You dont know jack shit about beer. You talk like a fucking retard. I don’t really understand who can read more than 2 sentences of your verbal diarrhea. It’s like you have a mouth full of toad cum when you speak. Stopped drinking Smirnoff Ice a couple years ago and now you think you’re an expert. Go do something you’re actually good at child. Maybe a bat boy for the Dodgers or the kid who puts baby powder on the players balls.

  8. greatly appreciate your wit and sarcastic overtones which are casually lobbed at the die-hard beer nerds which inhabit the lines at Tired Hands every time i visit. keep up the great work, and i will continue to steal your instagram photos of homosexual themed images to make fun of mine and my friend’s love of beer. cheers
    – @marcfromphilly

  9. I love reading this guys instagram page, because it’s funny. I never read a beer blog until I learned this dude had one, so I read some of it while putting a Stanley Steamer down at work.

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