Falling rock: finally. Well kinda.

I have waited over nine years to finally try falling rock. In name. In spirit. Whatever, it was on the original white whale list and along with shit like Black Cherry Bomb and Bee Keeper there were always a few that I could never lock down. The description on this sounds amazing and I’m stoked Falling Rock went with @lostabbey for this anniversary beer. Finally_cecepeniston.wav

Inb4 someone dumps on my chest about how it’s not the original NB blend: i know. I fucking get it. I spent years trying to trade for it, leave me alone.

Lol most people don’t even know what the OG falling rock is and these floccboiz and batterbabies def don’t give a shit


Angry Chair is srs bzness

Some say beer is about taste, sure but what about having the managerial skills to meet payroll and coordinate a mule staff of local Tampa drifters to make your pastry dreams a reality?

You think beer is some game when you gotta make sure those vagrants clock out for their 10s and read the muleployee handbook in case they get hit with an impromptu adjunct quiz? What about brushing up on Florida municipal traffic laws to find out how to adequately block school buses and thoroughfares.

You think you can just open a beer without issuing proper 1099s and making sure they make the proper declarations and do drops at the end of the day and don’t even get me started about per diem meal allocations for independent line staff waiters living below the poverty line. Then you get hit with child care requests and other incidentals you can’t even fathom in these pastry pursuits.

Beer is srs independent small bznss


Floodland Brewing Protection Spells is a dazzling initial entry. I can’t even imagine what else they have up their tank.

This is one of the most stellar initial offerings I have had from a brewery in a long time. It is on par with Power Stone for Sega Dreamcast if we are talking launch titles. On the face of it I prebooked an appointment with my dentist after reading it was back blended with acid beer aged on pluots. Dread set in. So out the gates @floodlandbrewing takes a challenging pommelhorse and then just sticks the landing. The carb is magnificent and sheets but provides gusts of olfactory upwinds like Link on a tiny acidic glider. It has waves of plum, loquat, nectarine and candied ginger. The color is radiant and shows depth beyond a cliche ba golden with some Sysco tier fruit dumped in. The taste is like a white zin with pangs of rosè and fume blanc. There’s a massive fruit presence that leads with a farmers market foot and an acidity that feels like @caseybrewing or a @hillfarmstead fruited flora in its sheer restraint on the pH throttle. I finished the entire 750ml with ease and the lingering residual swallow has this sharp dryness like Jazz apple that compels deeper pulls. It pains me to even write this, I poison my own well like Kefka and already know this will lead to inaccessibility but praise where it is due, this might be an early contender for ddb best of 2018 and these boys just getting started.


Ozark BDCS delivers a classic, adjunct free experience that dudes with plugs wearing Supreme hats will hate

Every year @ozarkbeer releases this amazing gem and, despite it being the absolutely best local trade bait that Arkansas has to offer, the people who swap these beers are always crushingly generous. It is almost like There Will Be Blood where these remote locals haven’t been tainted or corrupted by outside colonialism or an injection of artificial capital and they exist in that “StL pre-Side Project” phase of development. There are still places in America where people aren’t rapacious fucks trying to grist out every possible razzle slot. Ozark sells to these legitimately cool and nice people. Bourbon Double Cream Stout transcends the “local favorite” to something that warrants legitimate contemplation on a macropalate level. With its minimalist packaging and unfortunately consumer stymying acronym, sometimes this gets lost in the fray. The thing this beer does exceptionally well is the flawless balance between silky oat mouthfeel and enough barrel to contribute a spirit profile to prevent it feeling flabby or insubstantial [cf. Velvet Merkin would be a top offender of the latter.] It is not exceedingly booze driven and seems to come from an era rooted in the late 2000s when harmony between structure and cask profile was sought and a sky high final Plato wasn’t some lofty goal to be celebrated. A dripping crown of Floridian inefficiencies. The taste reminds me in scope and consistency of Nestle Quik with a twinge of nougat and brownie bites in the swallow. 2016 was my favorite vintage but it bears noting how this beer ages exceptionally well and trades so low by contrast that it presents a welcome exotic alternative to many stupid hypewhales in the game at present. The entire affair feels like a day of shoulder isolation lifts: stability, fortifying, providing context and grounding to prevent palate injury on more extensive range of motion. “Simple” is often a pejorative in the current landscape of laughable excess and creativity bankrupt marketing departments who see a rolling boil as some Urkel-to-Stefan machine for their mediocre beers. This is very much the opposite of that: the anathema of hype that delivers on solid classic decadence.


The Veil Bourbon circle of wolves fully redeems the apple brandy version

Apple Brandy Circle of Wolves was essentially a stout in many ways.  For whatever reasons the SRM, the residual sweetness, the execution just screamed borderline cocoazone. Never take Life to the cocoa zone, no choc zone, no choc zone THEY KNOWWW BETTER.  So when I went to address the bourbon version imagine my surprise when it looked like certifiable life, it smelled like creme brulee and bananas fosters.  There was a burnt brown sugar aspect but also a gritty american oak dryness to it: they did what they were supposed to do. The taste was more nimble and felt custom tailored instead of the H&M one size fits all sweatshop malt profile that makes breweries look frumpy.  Somewhere between Mother of All Storms and Cigar City Opal, this beer lies prostrate waiting your embrace.  Not hot enough to make you wince but with a refined sugar aspect you can actually embrace. If you are a poor fuck and cannot land this, go for Begyle 500 because that beer is very similar and also secretly well done.  But these are moving in the same realm as FO and they are exceptional so stop being a bitch about the cinnamon. If you cant handle me at my Apple Brandiest then you dont deserve me at my Bourboniest.