Malt couture batch 18 is live now! Due diligence: Infected beers and the new 4loko twitter drank!

These Indiana hypebois get taken to task, 450north and Deviate Brewing specifically. Then we revisit some infected life and try the new 4loko aka twitter drank.

Rate and review or just bitch and complain.



Revolution is like the Plymouth Prowler of imperial strong ales, some people will love this bizarre offering

Lets get this out of the way: this is in no way Lifelike. And that’s fine. What we have here is some insane procedurally generated berry monster like a No Mans Sky planet dripping in tannins. It’s not sour, it’s not cask driven, it’s not sweet, it’s not flabby. The dating profile would be somewhere between “Nutella mead” and “peanut butter Syrah.” It’s so god damn dialed in and when I saw that 14.5% I tightened my O ring for a bucking blackberry bronco. I predict that the fruit addition kickstarted this ba anny blend and made it pacman chomp all the residual sugars leaving this fucking weird pastry, mead, Grenache chimera. If you wanted a much more attenuated Kuhnhenn raspberry eisbock, here it is. It’s so fruit forward but also there’s rolos smashed in the Beaujolais. Is that, I mean if you need this, then switch your code. This is like turning clipping off and reaching parts of the brewhouse that weren’t in the final build of the game. It’s cheating in an odd way. NBA Jam Hilary Clinton unlocks.


Revolution VSOJ is as good as I expected, and that is terrible for everyone who currently loves barleywine

In my heart of hearts I hoped that the canned VSOJ wouldn’t be thaaaaat much better than “regular old” straight jacket. Frustratingly, there is a marked difference. It is a meaningful improvement across the board. The sweetness is incredibly tempered and reminds me a lot of b3 Aaron with that silky micromacaroon mouthfeel. It’s so much coconut and caramelized fig. The overriding aspect to this is just pillowy soft execution. It’s like when you watch a seasoned road comic who makes crowd and callbacks seem effortless. The heat and sweetness from regular SJ have reconciled their differences and it’s like a broken home who have raised this magnificent casky schooled child. It’s mature for its age but young for the can and as a result nothing slows you down. You can mow through the cream of wheat brown sugar and baker’s with careless abandon. The quality and accessibility of this beer may do more harm than good to barleywine sine qua non. I will suffer this fate since this exists as the absolute figurehead of what Midwest barleydynamics can accomplish. With this and the recent bb4d, floccbois and battermouths do not stand a chance.


Mason Ale works ba Baracus is a fantastic, distributed, fairly priced ba barleywine in a god damn can

That is a combo you simply do not hear that often.

I had never had any beers from @masonaleworks so imagine my surprise when I tried this decadent, complex ba barleywine, in a god damn can no less. It screams recreational negligence, you aren’t getting your deposit back for that flipped Quad. It employs in equal measure a caramel praline sweetness a ribbon of oaky temperament, and closes with a Darjeeling tea and rolo combo that comes closest to Mother of All Storms. That’s great company to be in. I popped this after wrapping an episode of @maltcoutureddb and everyone was wondering where this silent gem arose from. It’s rare when a first interaction can give me pause and make me retread what an entire brewery has been up to. @masonaleworks had my curiosity, now it has my liver’s attention.


Angry Chair Barrel Aged Rocky Road, more like angry camping chair

Everyone knew that @angrychairbrewing BAIGCCS was the bottle to ruin a residential neighborhood for, but no one suspected ba rocky road would swing this hard. I am torn because they are both equally good but I feel like most people love the chunkster more. The best position a brewery can ever be in is being reduced to fighting against your own catalog, some Hill Farmstead paradox. This is heftier with a more pronounced barrel character that was perhaps lacking in the cake, but it also isn’t as focused on the ice cream task at hand. Dudes these days don’t want Beer they want a 5th grade sleepover. Pizza ipas, soda Berliners, cake everything and ice cream float stouts. Craft beer currently is a god damn ice skating rink. This Beer however is crushingly good. Each sip confirms the sweetness and Stavey interplay, reminding me more of a snickers bar with that nutty lipid from the walnuts and a caramel sweetness from the barrel. I drank this at a Rams game from a solo cup and didn’t even drop the bottle on the ground. So I’m progressing is what I’m saying. The recognition of quality is a confrontation of how shitty next year’s Tampa Beer Week will be. The Black Friday tier Beer connoisseurs won’t even rent air bnbs, just hit that REI and you are all set. “Angry Chair: Good Enough to Warrant Urban Camping” #stout #beerreview #tampa #beer #bourbon #getoutside #namaste

As a corollary, afterwards I stood in the sun for 45 minutes to eat trash hotdogs like a garbage monster at DIRT DOG.

Living my best life.