Batch 60 of Malt Couture is on draft now! Cantillon and aliens and Weldwerks ooo


We address the Angels City controversy, Area 51 bud light and litigious monks. It’s a lot.

No children in wheelchairs are launched from any cliffs in this episode.


Cantillon La Vie Est Solidaire is Likely Top 10 DDB beers for 2019, Just Incredible.

I can’t hang with actual vin Jaune jura bangers but La Vie Est Solidaire was mind blowing. It has that radiant blast of acidity and tangelo akin to Zomer, but the swallow is long and bitter with Brett B aspects contributing brie rind and construction paper. Endlessly crushable because each sip run a tart bitter jab haymaker combo. The strange depth of those dusty oxidized tannins from that lime/clay soil is so expressive in this lambic. We had vin santo with @beersnobbin and that felt like vigneronne with leather interior, but this is something entirely different. The earthiness to the long swallow reminds me more of Herfst and the 3F strains of musk and twine, and I love the diversity in this loon. It’s frustrating when something expensive or inaccessible exceeds expectations because what’s the fun in that? Confirmation bias, no idol toppling, no one learns anything, but one can’t thrive on pithy hyperbolic takedowns for review sustenance all the time. Sometimes things are just good because they do, it how it be. I’m actively trying to think of a cheaper analogue to this and it’s pretty tough, maybe @funkfactorygeuzeria Dweller on the Threshold? That’s not exactly falling off the shelves either. Who cares. There’s a lot of amazing beer and his just happens to be one of them. You don’t need it, but be sure to thrust your filthy glass towards his bottle at the share, sip an ounce, don’t say thank you, then write an Untappd takedown about how it didn’t live up to the hype. By sweeping the leg and producing nothing, you are the true palate master.


Mad Fritz Brewing The Bird and the Beasts is absolutely bizarre. Why does this exist.

Ok, Mad Fritz makes strange beers. I don’t mean that in the “Paul Arney sure is wacky” sort of way. I mean it in the “what in the name of Napa-branding is going on in Saint Helena?” Nothing is remotely close to style, and that’s fine, if you’re OEC. this is not OEC. This a brewery with so much experience and resources that no one restricts them, almost to a fault. They do whatever they want. If you’ve ever had to sit through your friend’s Moth short story or listen their Noise Band mixtape, then you get it.

The bottles use those French swingtop gaskets and have labels that look like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Each bottle has this lengthy moral parable on it. It drips in divorcee Pinot Grigio aesthetic. The brewery itself has insane experience and resources and seem to have zero cares about profitability. Mad Fritz gonna Fritz. Their barrels are named Goethe and Nietzsche, leaving even Shaun Hill blushing. This barleywine though, is not good. This is not bad from a lack of proficiency, it’s just unpleasant to drink as a net experience.

The underlying barleywine itself looks more akin to Belgian tripel or a Wheatwine. It is radiantly amber with brassy tones. The nose is outright bizarre. It is both astringent with orange zest and clove, but also intensely bitter. It is off style, in every style. The taste transitions into this grapefruit pith and JUUL pen. You are left clawing through the bitter oaky ballpit for the cognac. If you approached this expecting a sessionable A Deal With The Devil, prepare for intensely tannic Curieux. I don’t know how. The finish is clementine furniture polish, long and fusel despite the 10.5% abv. It is so strange because the wild ales from this same brewery were very good, but then we have this grand marnier lacquer train derailing. 🍊 🧼 When a brewery gets to do whatever they want, sometimes the public gets exactly what they deserve.


Revolution Brewing Strawberry Jacket, Seedless Smuckers Integration

When @revbrewchicago announced a “strawberry Straight Jacket” I was both excited and filled with jammy trepidation. Strawberry is a notoriously difficult fruit to wrangle in fermentation. If if runs too rich, you get a smuckers disaster and your world class barleywine turns into New Glarus Wisconsin Redfashioned. If you run too lean, it’s a Kiwi Herman plastic fatality. Furthermore, berry and boozy peanut brittle is so decadent even the enamelly challenged in the U.K. don’t hazard the combo. Thankfully, this is good stuff. First, the base beer doesn’t seem exactly like Straight Jacket. It feels closer to Boss Ryeway or whatever the Saharan dry canvas of Code Switch was painted upon. That’s a good thing. The berry is prominent but not distracting and feels like unset arabesque detailing on Byzantine pornography. It’s all sticky.

You know those weird grandma candies that are strawberry with jelly inside? Ok that’s is the olfactory. You know how grandpa reeks of old crow and says “they can come here just gotta do it legally is all” that’s the base beer. It’s a merger of sweet tolerance and latent violence. The preserves and fruit leather quickly escheat to extremely dry/rye aspects. Add some grenadine to single barrel four roses, you’re already there. Lonestar.mp4. The aggregate result doesn’t feel entirely like barleywine, it feels like…Kuhnhenn. That’s a good thing. Avis car rentals aside, this is a tightly constructed beer that sticks the berry patch landing. I like it less than VSOJ and Boss Ryeway, above ROSJ, and well above the recent Ryeway. So: in the middle of one of the best barrel programs in America. 2, 8 no sats barely instafills at $110/4pk. It’s like, you pull up in a Porsche Macan and people are like “is that an Audi? Oh it’s pretty nice.” And you get the obligatory deference. Strawberry barleywine is well engineered but nobody is quaking at the hips like when the VSOJ911 revs. Someone should get VSOJ911 as a license plate. 🍓 🥖 🍷


Wow Four Roses Small Batch Select is a spicy new bourbon you can safely disregard if u feel like it

These little lacquer boiz are popping up in a few markets. I bought this thinking 4RsmbLE had a different sticker and then read it was 6 and 7 year strains bro. U JUS GOTTA FIND UR OESV STRAIN DOG. So at $60 you’d expect this to be markedly better than the regular ass small batch, but not quite as good as the older single barrel picks. This is basically the case.

It’s a lot of Darjeeling and clove and allspice, an exceptionally dry and Lipton driven affair. It doesn’t have the syrupy body or residual depth of confectionary hugs to balance the split cherrywood. As a result it feels older, less balanced, a Patagonia fleece for your esophagus. the finish is longer than I expected with a red hots crackle to it. It’s mad deece. Now that even regular old Noah’s mill is $70+ this is kinda in that segment that three years ago would have cost $15 less. It’s fine but nothing exceptional, better than a daily drinker but nothing you would dazzle Company with. It’s like 89 octane where you go, why does this exist.

Soon dumbshits will start reselling all the McKenna and Eagle Rare so enjoy having only old crow and Kessler on the shelf. Stupid assholes using fermented water as blue chip stocks will be the death of all fun in every hobby. Might as well start stockpiling vintage Green Chartreuse now. #bourbon #whiskey #barrelaged #singlebarrel #fourroses #kentucky #mash #corn


NEW San Diego MALT COUTURE LIVE SHOW: 7/18 at the Casbah!

If you live near San Diego this is not to be missed. link in bio, Ganon in comments. You will be cleaning spent grain out of your jeans for weeks afterwards. We are going full attenuation with guest taps, spicy beer news, and a linen closet bottleshare for those baller vips including awesome ticks from @jwbrewing // @horusagedales // @foragerbrewery // @caseybrewing // @monkishbrewing // @creaturecomfortsbeer // @moonlightbrewing // @wrenhousebrewing :::: like what more do you want? Like seriously do you think you’re better than me? My dad owns Club Penguin he will fukn cancel ur account.



Westbound and Down Acid Jazz volume 2 is both rooted in the past and surpassing modern standards

Unless you’re in Colorado, @westboundanddownbrewingco is not probably a brewery that you give a shit about. No memberships, no razzle value, people just buy and consume the delicious bottles like total dumbshits. Idaho Springs, Colorado still lives in the early 2010s, but the beers this place is putting out are consistently noteworthy. I just figured this was some forgettable 15bbl brewpub off the I-70 with Edison lights or predictable chicken and waffles, until I tried their wild ales. Amlam has taken fire lately since forever as the demands for acidity reparations increase. These beers opt for that @foragerbrewery and @floodlandbrewing softness that I adore. In lieu of mandible dissolving intensity, the beers drink closer to brett B rosé. This beer acid jazz volume II is a hyperaged Golden with a massive tannic presence not from heavy handed purée pounding, but residual skinny skins. Don’t stand there and act like you crush Cab Francs you @450northbrewing sipping hypocrite.

The end result is this massively funky beer that drinks exceedingly similar to fruited advanced oak theory in the best way. If you enjoy that construction paper and flintstones pushpop sherbert aspect you will enjoy this completely. I skulled almost the entire bottle, which is hugely aberrant from the modern pool chemical sours I am subjected to. My palate has fatigue from so many terrible/aggro sour goldens so when you hit gold it feels all the more refreshing. I will stay patiently watching this brewery to see what other hijinks these guys get mixed up into. Watch it will be some god damn $500 reserve society or canned kettle sours or a conglomerate buyout and I can return to my “lost faith” setting. #colorado #beer #instabeer #rarebeer #jazz #acidjazz #beerstagram