Enjoying a 13 year old barleywine during the first hours of the first barleyboil. This beer is old enough to have its own Facebook.

14 hour brew days BREWED THE HARD WAY


Bellwoods Milk shark is insane. It’s like a Canadian; nicer version of the tired hands Milkshake series w better health care

This beer is completely bonkers, unlike anything I’ve ever had. At its core it is a faintly resinous IPA with a [turbid/oat/London ale III?] so all is well, then shit goes completely NOS tank overboost. Do you know what an Apexi boost controller is? What about a bored out waste gate? This is a triple aluminum wing on a front wheel drive IPA. 

If you have ever had that white stick Fun-Dip candy with the orange dust, this is that in beer form. It is weird orange sherbert, oily flintstones push up pops, creamy 50/50 bar mixed with like a multivitamin but it is really tasty. I thought this would be way too batshit, but instead we get this potpourri Astro pop of crazy vape pen resin. It’s not an IPA it’s not a wild ale it’s like oily nugs coated in pixie sticks. You haven’t had anything like this and it’s off the wall like an MJ album. 

Lmk if anyone wants to talk about my extensive Silkk the Shocker album collection. 


Three weavers Ripple continues to excel in subtlety, it’s what they do 

Three Weavers continues to excel in the realm of delicate nuanced bangers, and their saison Ripple is a textbook example of what they are about. Duck down duvet with haunted house lacing, an ectomorphic body that has lean lemon bubblegum underpinnings. This stumbles into an ultra dry pale ale realm with tons of dry hopping that lends a realm of alpha acidity and conifer oiliness, my cones are dripping. If you served this at some dingy halogen lit homebrew club tasting along side 23 other beers in a filthy taster glass, it might not give you pause. No one trades for Avril or tries to hype up De Ranke XX, when was the last time you saw some Floridian shitlord try to raffle off their local Grisette? It is a beverage the gilds interaction without shellacking it. Threeweavers has a deft handle on this realm.


3 Floyds and Mikkeller just dropped a god damn masterpiece with Smoldering Holes. I got no jokes.

A Mikkeller and 3 Floyds stout collabo seems like hilarious bait to beat up on, add vanilla bean and the yukyuks practically write themselves. The easy target goes immediately hurt locker on me when I realized that this beer is actually completely amazing, detonates and puts me in my stupid khaki mouthed place. Smoldering holes pours viscous but not as excessive as the regular umami Dark Lord DMExtravaganza. It has great carb and cling that rips through the lacing with slick clear 11% legs that seem more powerful than you would expect, like a modest jockey. 

Nose leans a touch European and provides a degree of roast and toasted Squaw bread, lacquer and vanilla provided with a deft hand like kit kat wafers. The taste is completely remarkable and easily better than every other Ba dL variant with MHJ excepted. It takes the nimble nuanced aspects of vanilla shake and adds the deep squatting power of American excess, three white lights break parallel every time. The sweetness toes the line with caramel and nestle quik powder but ultimately passes the field sobriety test.

This completely floored me and ripped all my prescripted punchlines right out of my palms and gave me a malty decadent kick to the brownie box. Sweet caramel and cut lumber lingers on the slick swallow and there is a certain degree of oiliness that separates into a chocotaco meets Blantons type of affair. I am pretty sure Smoldering Holes was a Copenhagen only brewpub release, so this is one of those inherently teeth gnashing reviews where I apologize in post script for the braggy overture of this licorice cane sugar adventure. Just try to smash, slide into those international DMs using Bjümbëlërje or whatever their stout dating app is. I almost feel bad for Mathias Andersen bc he’s gonna get mobbed. This goes in hard and is worth deceiving customs to get ur thoat wet on some goodgood