Cigar City Guava Grove, Honduran Kisses for All the Children

It's like that time you stole guavas from that Bolivian guy and he cried a single hateful tear.

Cigar City Brewing, Guava Grove Saison, 8% abv

Ok Cigar City has a serious naming problem, you open this up and it is way closer to an American Wild Ale than a saison. Identity crisis. You get a huge waft of pineapple, guava, melon, and great musky yard clippings. The taste has an amazing acidity and I could drink this all day. This is a great beer to mix up with your creatine, n0x and glutamine to get a sick juiced pump before a workout. But in all seriousness, the tartness and drying finish makes this almost akin to a white wine but with a dope ass malty complexity.

Tank a whole bottle of this to your domepiece and you'll be posted like a wet hedgehog. Super chill.

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