Central Waters Peruvian Morning, No Better Timber Than That Decadent Peruvian Morning Wood

Penis puns. We’ve sank that low. I guess if you divide by zero enough times, you get dick jokes.


Wait until you see what happens Friday night.

Peruvian Morning
Central Waters Brewing Company
Wisconsin, United States
American Double / Imperial Stout | 8.50% ABV

I just have to put this out there, I think I am in love with the IDEA of Wisonsin by their beers alone. If we can forgive Belgian Red and Tart, New Glarus makes mind blowing, arousing beers; Central Waters goes a solid 3 for 3 with this amazing gem. Imagine taking their already exemplary Bourbon Barrel Stout, and aging it on coffee. The result is this sticky icky treat that delivers amazing coating, nice mild bourbon sweetness that comes across like marshmellow and toffee, and finally a vanilla/coffee finish that makes this seem like an acceptable AM beverage.

I have never been to Peru, but if this is what they mash on, then maybe all those rumors about their being a 3rd world country ravaged with poverty and unchecked imperialism ARE NOT ALL TRUE.



Central Waters Kosmyk Charlie Y2K Catastrophe Ale, Willenium Jams Bumping so Hard Right Now

What’s gonna happen, ain’t nobody know, two zero zero zero the new millenium, hold up, Willenium.

It's hard to write a review when you are listening to Will2k on repeat

CWKCY2kCA, 10% abv American Barleywine

A: The beer looks like a burnt penny that comes from an age that remembers the value of pennies as something more than things to flick at small children. There’s some mild lacing that peaces out pretty quickly, patting its pockets like it hasn’t a dime to spare, but we know better. It is a deep amber with no lacing and a strange wateriness to it. Not even mad tho.

I got this beer as an extra thinking it was an English Barleywine, not even mad tho.

S: There is a burnt toffee, basically burnt everything like they reduced the malt too deeply in the boil with a 240 minute harassment session. Mild hops for the style, sticky marshmellow, and a general sort of Payday smell to it. Relax, go nuts, that whole bit.

T: There is a huge smoky brown sugar like old mammy done burned the oatmeal, then there’s a piney bitterness that shows me where all those high alpha acid assholes retreated to in the boil. It has a mild raisin sort of finish that thankfully doesn’t make the final cut entirely hoppy. The entire finish is very pleasant.

I hate when people reject an amazing beer based on its color alone. So much derp. Derp everywhere.

M: It is very light and not as boozy as I had expected for a 10% abv beer. There’s some light malty residue but it comes off so fresh and so clean clean. However, your girlfriend and friends will not drink this shit. Let’s not delude ourselves craft nerd, come now. Shave that neckbeard and join the rest of the world in enjoying a shocktop if you have those delusions.

D: This is exceptionally drinkable in the way that a Bad Girls Club marathon is consumable. You will feel like shit after a few, but it secretly makes you stronger.

This beer is threatening, but familiar at the same time. I can get on board with it.

Call it a cop out, but I am too tuckered out for a narrative, enjoy this meme instead: