Oh man. @theveilbrewing stunting harder than Jackie Chan, keeping subbydoo dripping in malt and musk.

I have been dying to mess w them wolves, also curious to see if their saison game goes in. We shall see.


Charlestowne Fermentory Sungazer is showing beams of light at the haze to come

Wow, this was completely unexpected and fantastic. Usually when I take a flyer on a brewery I haven’t heard of, tighten my obliques and prepare to take some swipes to the core. This has none of the cage rattling and instead feels like a bag cereal monkish affair with no intens eheft or creaminess, just a light frothy tangerine and aserose swallow. It’s a touch watery but in a refreshing way because the carb froths and sustains like food court O bang. As a result of the comparatively watery structure it feels intentionally refreshing and not some fortuitous stumbling into overattenuative underpinnings. You want to drink more than a single can, which is a quality most breweries overlook. The olfactory aspect leaves much to be desired and where it flawlessly excels in nuance on the flavor it misses the mark despite what seems like exclusive no boil all dry hopping character. It smells a bit like orange pop rocks, and finishes a bit sweet like AARP hard candies. But like the redesigned Mazda mx5 this is nimble and tight that doesn’t give more than you can handle but a tight economical package. This brewery seems like a formidable covalent aspect to @creaturecomfortsbeer that can pull the south into the modern haze era. @chsfermentory is up to something.


Central Waters Nineteen is such a fantastic, undersung gem of barrel integration

If we are talking about beer that taste in a weight class much higher than they currently swing, the @cwbrewing anniversary series is an excellent example of power to weight ratio. The 19 is exceptional and offers such a robust profile of barrel character and roast but with a lightly bakers chocolate body that never outstays it’s saccharine welcome. It’s that precise handling of the malt to barrel throttle that makes these work so well and feel oddly Narke/european in execution. You can and will finish the entire bomber and it doesn’t dominate your evening, it provides a light tootsie roll ambiance throughout. Just another adjunct-free, tightly sewn little macrame of djarum cloves meets lightly burned brownies. Imma take a corner piece and scrape the pan just watch.


Cherry Street Brewing bourbon coconut Porter shows a dazzling capacity for things to come

God damn, this sleeper brewery continues to impress with its barrel program. The coconut errs on the side of an oily macaroon instead of yankee candle Hawaiian tropic shit. The entire beer shows restraint and excess in areas what each respectively matter. If we jumped back in time three years this is like when @creaturecomfortsbeer was showing its nascent hand at quality to come. Their saturation profile is sooooo intense relative to the body and structure of the beers and I love this degree of inverted North Carolinian execution. Georgia is the Poland of sorts dividing the battle zone of hefty sugar driven Florida bodies and wafer thin soft flexing of some Carolinian brethren. @brewingcoop is doing excellent things and this is a nod to what may come. I cannot wait until we get a proper barrel aged barleywine from these upstarts.


Against the Grain Double Header: Something Special and One Brazilion Dollars

Something Special

This beer represents how much skill and patience that Against the Grain can exhibit when they stop fucking around and use a lead blocker and just push that ryehole for some malty yards. The barrel, the clean body, the sweet meets cask profile: all of it moves my chains. Boulevard Rye on Rye is not only ubiqioutous now thanks to Duvelbuxxx but it is also small format. This takes that model and makes it more approachable, less spicy, the Basil Haydens to the Blvd Bakers if you will. It has a nice pumpernickel and toasted sourdough aspect to it that gives a great stage upon which the mild heat and herbal aspects of the rye can dance a little casky jig. I anticipate that this is kindaaaa expensive and undercut by the Blvd Big Boiz when we talk about cost to pleasure on returns. This is no fault of AtG, but some will make this consideration. I say eschew the grocery store beer for a moment and try something new. For a brewery that can do absurd attention-seeking shit, attempt double gainers and break their malt collarbones, this is just pure skill, tight lines, rye and a dialed in body that is accessible even to that angry merlot drinking fuck of an uncle you hate talking to at Easter. Ironically the namesake is an invesion and a sort of post modernist nod to what @atgbrewery is usually up to, in making something standard and exceptional, in itself it is Something Special. It’s like how on r/gonewild the posts with face are ironically more coveted because the lurid anonymity is deafening and impersonal in execution. Against the Grain is showing its eyes and there is no attendant objectification just mutual respect.

One Brazillion Dollars, god damn it @atgbrewery

Fucking smoked malts. Where to start with this one. First and foremost, this is ambitious as fuck, inventive and fun. I am sure Sam Calagione has “fun” but the license for such japery extends as far as SKUs can move. I like what AtG has been doing to further the dance of life adjacent beers and show that there can be other intense tones massaged from the canvas of barley/wheat/oat/rye wine styles. What I am doing here is what prosecutors call “TAKING THE STING” in setting you up for a bitching closing argument that indicts the fuck out of what actually occurred.

This beer is not enjoyable to actually drink. The cask cant save it, you’ve got questionable ass Angel’s Envy casks which they themselves already are beat to hell with secondary casking, coupled with a good old fashioned “8 week North Carolinian saturation.” So we are left with the underlying smoked malt wheat wine to pull this sled. The nugget hops seem far more intense as a result of the equally bipolar scotch/peat/terroir/nightmare bog. Tap for two black mana. The resin scraped from the inside of the ROOR doesn’t integrate with the black and milds and in the midst of this rueful custody battle is a pillowy gentle lil wheat profile who is secretly questioning its fermentology. Smoke and clove and then warrior type of 15% alpha acid hops, it is oral flagellation.


North Park Beer co: woodshop 11 blend of many, these sequels are getting out of hand

Woodshop 11 Blend of Many

This is the first bottled offering from North Park and it seems fitting that a component blended “STRONG ALE” representative of a melange of their ba beers should hit the glass.  At its core this is essentially a BA Baltic porter with a slightly heftier drag and a massive barrel presence.  I drank this in the fucking moving theater while watching The Shape of Water bc, why not, life is too short.  In blending BA porters and stouts and different barrels the tapestry of this beer stays enjoyable albeit lacking focus.  It never gets massive enough to flex on the bigger boys, nor exhibits enough pure cask to drive the BA Everett lane that some continental european offerings like DeMolen love to inhabit.  It just is.  There is a lingering tootsie roll and Knob Creeky kinda sweet/oaky interplay that those familiar with the Beam canon (KAMEHAME) will already be well inundated.  Slight touch of dry roast and a Zero bar sweetness make this easy to drink except perhaps not the most dazzling display of any one factor.  Decoupage is the name of the game and from a stylistic and conceptual pulpit like Woodshop (cf. a bunch of sweaty screen print tee wearing SoCal neckbreads leveraging rare ticks and undulating generosity) it makes sense.


Kassik’s Buffalo Head Barleywine bangs on malty JL w0’s

Kassik’s Barleywine

Alaska is arguably the finest purveyor of barleywine in the United States, with Michigan Pennsylvania in hot contention.  As a result, you have so many silent quality wares dribbling down north of the wall and some people might overlook some of these decadent gems.  This is one such beer that warrants your attention.  Let’s get this out of the way right now: the label looks like harrowing dogshit.  This is what your stepdad used to call MICROBREWS and every single brewery was geography named.  It’s a testament to why you don’t leverage your marketing on FIVER and opt for a graphic designer to bring your aesthetic in line with the world class contents inside.  However, people in Alaska likely give zero fucks about this terrifying Buffalo grin. They still have Prodigy internet up there.

This beer is god damn tasty though.  It falls closer to the English style in execution and the body reminds me of a cask driven old ale or Adambier.  It is sweet with a body that is intensely drilled in with a great raisinette and skor bar drive, wethers original and wheater whiskey to the oak that dries slightly along the gumline.  You can kill this entire bottle without any issues and the lack of heft is a neg but also a compliment to the structure of the drinkability. A dollop of brown sugar in the center of your cream of wheat: just the way your foster parents used to make it.

This trades for nothing and drinks like a sweeter Arctic Devil, another world class offering that also trades for nothing.  Relish these days, once the pastry menace realizes that you can extract decadent depth from malt and casks alone and not through dumbshit marketing ploys and boil additions, these halcyon days of barley enjoyment will be short lived.  They will blacken the sky with their increasingly absurd ISOs, rivers running khaki with the residual sugars on their sticky carapace.