Another Trip to Austin, OLD DDB Visits Zilker and Lazarus

Pils is risen

I went to Austin last week for a wedding. I’ve been to Austin four times and every time it was for a wedding. That city’s gdp must be 30% farmhouse nuptials, 22% breakfast tacos, 13% bat watching, and the remainder Patagonia micro fleece vests for tech bros.

I’ve been to Jester King and Live Oak and Saint Elmo, so time to hit up some reader suggestions.

People overwhelmingly suggested @lazarusbrewing In a weird bonus Cosimo is a SD transplant so I felt right at home. The sour program was fine. Walks on Water was a moderately deece ipa. Prodigal Pils on the side pull faucet was next level. You hear terrible beer writers dwell on this “sense of place” usually as a Dodge for criticizing quality. This legitimately has an unbearable lagerness of being. The humid spring air and the bustle of people on the wood back porch crushing lagers, no septum was left unpierced.

Alexander Pope said even enjoying a cup of tea needs a stratagem. This needs no planning. The whip and sustain of the carb with the delicate lithe middle body pulls the herbaceous thread of that fescue and raked foliage through the biscuit closer.

@zilkerbeer was right up the street and came highly recommended. Even the staff as Lazarus was like you have to try them. Their west coast ipa game was so classic and tasty. Marco is an old school throwback and the unlabanced charm of Crispy Cryo was resinous and unhinged.

Can’t wait for my fifth wedding so I can try Blue Owl.


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