New Image Madeira Maple Oxidized Barleywine is a Palate Skill Check

In a weird superlative @nibrewing has crafted the most challenging beer of 2023. It isn’t outright accessible or prima facie delicious. It is palate gatekeeping, port gaslighting and oxidation girlbossing.

It is dead flat and intentionally oxidized. The stewed dark fruits have a Faustian pop of smoke and pipe tobacco. You chew on this and it goes from peach hookah back into muddled prune.

If you are the type to play games the The Witness and appreciate the obtuse struggle with a huge payoff then here you go. As a result you can’t really share this. It won’t do well at a tasting. You can’t solo it. And you can’t bring it anywhere: you must complete this yourself. Get gud.

It feels weird to characterize a beer as a palate skill check. But this requires a time investment and you need to let it unfold, Anomalisa in beer form.

Colorado is full of strange REI transplants and this is the result of their craven high altitude, economically disparate ski economies. Everyone is kissing and smoking.


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