Fifth Ward Brewing DB Big Willy Style: The Big Casks Hurt

Big Willy style is all in it

Oshkosh Wisconsin is a great place to peddle beers, but a strange place to offer up double barrel 20% abv barleywines. On the one hand you have a creaky old German town covered in saw dust with degenerate undergrads throwing up Truly in the streets. One point for beer. On the other hand, what orange vest dudes are crushing fusel fireballs after a long shift? Minus one point for barleywine.

Big Willy Style is too big for me. Babe, I like the small barrels the big ones hurt. At the outset canning a 20% abv barleywine and selling it to the biggest beer consuming state in the nation is patent negligence. Like what do you think is going to happen.

The craziest part to this massive ethanol waft is the press copy boldly asserts “a nearly non-existent alcohol burn on the finish.” It’s like they already knew. You get Teddy Grahams, some currant, and sticky Riesin candy. This is all under the shadow of absolutely crushing alcohol waft. Like when she tells you “oh my dad would show up and randomly give us gifts” you know booze was an underlying factor in that Disney TV upbringing.

I’ve had plenty of Bruery beers in this realm so I braced my obliques for the impact. I was not ready for the Twix and George T Stagg rounds that would rip through my chest. It’s vaporous. You can’t smoke around your teku. The exhale feels like Rolo teamed up with Vicks vapor rub.

There’s an economic concept called the Resource Curse where third world countries are absolutely destroyed when something valuable is discovered within their borders. This firey kick to the solar plexus is dangerous for Wisconsin residents. Sure you get the blessing of barrel complexity, whoppers and layered residual drag. You also get dudes in Carhartt falling into Lake Winnebago. Power and Maltsponsibility.

I enjoyed DBBWS but the spicy prune juice is not worth the squeeze. Your night is over. Someone just drove a Pontiac Sunfire into the baby overalls factory. It’s about to be negative 25 degrees and people will be left indoors with these cans.

There’s a reason New Glarus floods the state with Spotted Cow and lagers. The cheeseheads cannot be trusted with this much canned irresponsibility.


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