Fox Farm vs Barrique Baltic Porter Holiday Showdown!

Icebergs on deck


Two DDB favorites square off in the BalticTogon to battle for the favor of Katherine the Great. Stouts too sugary? Try Baltic Porters. Lagers not strong or complex enough? TBP. You want something that will be delicious and stay on drafy because no one will order it? TBP.

Barrique finds a way to make everything more complicated, usually with delicious yields. Foeders and barrels involved on styles that people already were afraid of, you know it. This is interesting because it says that it was lagered in barrels for 10 months, so I am wondering if it was held at cold ferm temps but like, ON THE OAK? Boats and Finland better been involved.

This one is dryer, leaner, more roasted almond meets Good and Plenty type of execution. Barrel is more muted and gentle but provides a praline warmth to the thin frame. The swallow goes from watery to warming in the strangest twist since Bionic Commando finding out that his cybernetic arm is actually his wife. Like why was her soul in your arm. That type of porter.

Fox Farm play things more traditional. Almost too traditional. They craft styles that people have outright forgotten about, or that get homebrew clubs all HORNT up. Their labels don’t even steal IP or perpetuate misogyny so what’s even the point. The Baltic porter is bigger and more non-standard.

Big Jack’s Abbey energy out front here, sticky caramel on the waft with bonded leather. The honey is metabolized out but leaves a trace sort of banana aspect lingering. It’s sweeter and hotter than I anticipated without being corny and predictable like someone who claps when the plane lands. This is a connecting flight to Fargo what are you even doing.

Ultimately, this depends on what you want more cleanliness or ambition. Both do it well but I found I could drink more of the Barrique but the Fox Farm was more engaging. It’s like a Baltic Hallmark movie in my mouth where we return home and black patent malt teaches my palate about the true meaning of lager Christmas. We always knew she would end up with him.


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