Second City Meadery Sing is the Least Objectionable Thing You’ll Have This Holiday Season

Here’s to forgetting

At the end of every year there’s always a deluge of cardinal lists. BEST BEER. WORST BEER. “Most Pithy London Ale III Beer” “Least Acetic Flanders Red” we all know the tropes.

Meads end up catching high praise for how sticky, viscous, jammy, expressive, barrel driven, or nut laden they are. End of the year lists never focus on that classic unsung virtue: disappearance.

How fast can you simply make something disappear? This seems to be what Live Oak’s entire business model is centered around. Sing is aptly named. I can drill this pleasant, uncomplicated outing in 3 to 4 minutes.

Sometimes I cannot even finish a mead at all on my own. This isn’t me having a baby fruit snacks and Gogurt palate. If you load up honey water with cashews, concentrated fruit and vanilla beans I will get the spirit of the beverage really fast.

Song is more of a soft grenadine run through the raspberry fields. It’s weird that this is no water added because the gentle cherry 7up and herbless aperol approach makes it feel less concentrated. The ABV is full ghost mode. You just get cracked in the midsection with berry stains and you’re on the ground before you know what in the Ulmo Blossom happened.

It’s not illegal to take someone to your room to watch Vine compilations, but it will be over quickly and no one will tell that story. Sing doesn’t need attention. It’s classier than people who try to trade away puppies on Facebook Marketplace, but it’s still salt of the earth.

Ulmo Blossom honey gives a ton of melon and pineapple. Here with low acidity raspberry it works to lighten things further. In Symphony of the Night, you can get these “SECRET BOOTS” that make Alucard like a single pixel taller. It makes no sense but it’s so fulfilling. It wont make any lists, but it shows a degree of whimsical care from a design perspective.

Sing is a fun, focused, one dimensional melomel that I drilled faster than most bottles of recent memory. There needs to be an end of the year list for those silent supporters that float us from life event to situationships quietly, without judgment or contemplation


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