New Image Estufa is Macro Oxidized Colorado Extravagance


“Mom can we have xyauyu?”
“We have Teo Musso at home”
I love strange breweries.

I thrive most with back of house weirdos. Front of house driven breweries with marketing teams and tiktok pods with ROI and boosted Facebook posts don’t get what I do. @nibrewing are brazen and full goblin mode. We see eye to eye. I get an email about what they are up to and it’s like “holy shit you guys are like OEC without the trust fund and dad with extensive links to B United distributing”

What even is macro oxy. That feels like when you do percs and bud light platinum at a Chainsmokers show.

Colorado weirdos are the center of so many stories. How many “we had tickets at Red Rocks” devolve into “so there I was in Arvada giving hand jobs for gas money”

I understand most barleywines don’t need the carbonated sack that Aeoleus gave to Ulysses. A crackle is fine. Barleywines that go full oxy no bubbles is next level. It’s laid so bare and naked it feels like seeing your friends in mid day sun at the beach. Even in shape people struggle. But it reveals that honesty only port and Sherry and fig and intentionality can effect.

This is a crazy beer and most won’t like it or be able to finish it. It’s so layered with grape swishers, almond Rocha, iced wine, and you know you’re in some bizarre Madeira zone when things start spiraling.

Only the most deviant will like this. Most people won’t enter this dark malty age of Kali Yuga. This is layered insanity that your relatives are justified in asking “is it even beer at that point” when you bring this fig Newton dip spit to a wake.


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