Burnt City Frost Dragon is a Chilly Pale Ale and That’s Fine

We have SF to blame for trying to make Brut IPA happen, as if the public couldn’t get enough of a hoppy cream ale with the body destroyed.

Now thanks to @wayfinderbeer the cold has set in on IPAs as well. This LageredPA trend is now trickling out to a Chicago. In a last air bender elemental reversal, @burntcitybeer is bending cold.

I respect cold ipa on one hand as the reaction to hazy malfeasance. Now people want things so clean and drilled down we are basically drinking IPLs to compensate.

Oh wait sorry it’s not an IPL I know that’s triggering for CIPA iceriders. It’s a novel new style that also happens to drill the body into nothingness but it’s totally not brut because no enzyme enhancing PEDs bRo.

This beer is pretty good and the best thing from the box I received. Scaled to cold ipas it’s a fine halfway house. A walk in icebox if you will. You get watery mouthfeel that can’t really sustain its WCIPA ambitions but these are for people who have missionary hop sex and use a rhizome safe word. The taste is lightly grassy, touch of arugula and clementine, all of the aspects have dynamat installed.

It’s a mellow ipa or an amped up Italian pilsner I guess and ironically the cold is not the time for this style. It’s fine, I remain skating on ice like Kristi Yamaguchi. 🧊

This Maclaren cryptobro in line at Cane’s Chicken

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