Cellarmaker Edge of Time is a Svelte Spicy Blantons Barley Bomb

Dog bowl for scale

Social Proof is a psychological concept where people make value judgments based upon their overall impression of something, the halo effect. Master Chiefs aside, Cellarmaker would like us to believe that their well done hazy beer and lowkey banging saison program somehow makes them experts in barleywine.


Straight out the gates a $24 375ml is gonna rankle some jameses. These small format barleywines keep costing more and more, but if TG is out here selling $50 bombers of non BA stout then anything is possible.

The key complaint I already see coming a mile away is that this barleywine is “too thin.” If you’re the type of person whose main social presence is on LinkedIn, then you’re the insufferable character we can imagine saying this with that air of judgment and hustle culture. It isn’t too thin. The shift in palates toward glucosephillic tendencies is notable lately.

It is as “thin” as Sucaba, BB4d, Aftw, Segbago and everything in that realm. If you don’t know any of those, you are probably safe returning to your IP theft hypecans of hollandaise. Gatekeeping aside, it is spirit driven and presents that lack of balance I almost appreciate in these exaggerated offerings. I will bow to this spicy fusel mistreatment because it feels good. Out of ten friends only one of them has a printer, but it is out of indigo so you cant print your stupid black and white resume to get a job that already requires an online application. You deal with the nonsense because of what is in store.

It is bitter, oaky, goes a walnut/pecan sandie route for a moment and it’s back to the booze. The thighgap in the tiny frame somehow dual wields Skor bar and a graphite aspect. The finish is exceptionally clean, leaving a napalm strike across the gumline of peanut brittle drizzled with Willett.

Like your friend who is super into their adult dodgeball league, yes it is pushy and kinda irresponsible but charming in its own way. You crave the heat and avoid the sugar. Sometimes you continue an unpleasant relationship with your therapist because dumping them is more painful than therapy itself. The cask here is your therapist, and it is served barrel Social Proof.

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