Jackie O’s Apple Brandy Brick Kiln is Pretty Okay and that’s more than fine

Alright truth be told @jackieosbrewery Apple Brandy Brick Kiln is the “worst” of the BK lineup, but that’s like how the Ford Ecoboost Mustang is the “slowest” but it’s still pretty appealing. This is the softest iteration and the mouthfeel is some Marvin’s Room duvet. It is less sweet but oddly presents more spice and hard candy. If you’ve ever had those geriatric Strawberry candies with the jelly middle, drop that into a Manhattan for an approximation. The sheer depth and complexity of Prodigality makes up for any less than stellar entries and this is still very legit.

I applaud their ability to wrangle what can become a caramel apple carnival disaster with those AB casks, to massage nuance from them shows gentle fingering of the stavey clutch. The swallow is intensely long and the best part of this beer, loaded with allspice, almost a dry nutmeg. If you can’t get the labia shattering Prodigality, you are in good hands with this or Rodeo Time. #bil #barleywine #barrelaged #brandy #oak #ohio #craftbeer

Or like go to Dark Lord Day who cares

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