Hill Farmstead leaves of grass 12/6/17, undercutting their own stellar offerings

At a certain point it’s like “why even bother reviewing @hillfarmstead we get it, almost all of them are exceptional.” The leaves of grass series warrants particular comment because it is their own sub “off brand” for the ultra luxury heritage series. Sometimes these tiny underwing bottles will be the bag cereal versions of Arts and Samuels at a fraction of the cost of entry. It’s akin to buying a random Knob Creek single barrel that smashes you out almost as hard as Booker’s. This beer has incredible sustain like a vintage telecaster, frothy meringue whip, aromatics redolent of hyacinth, lemon verbena, a bevy of bath and body works citrus. Taste is that @jesterkingbrewery 1.0000000 FG dryness, underwear at a Joe Rogan show. The herbaceous aspects mix lovingly with a base beer that remains sacchro forward and doesn’t swerve into probiotic land. Who cares? They’re all good. We get it. Arthur’s teacher is gay, this is the world of enduring character I want to live in. Six of these couldn’t land the worst new Dark Lord variant.

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