Monkish Blind Pug, the hazemasters make a classic west coast ipa blessed by Vinnie

Monkish blind pug
7.5% abv

Well Instagram was down yesterday so it was fascinating to see breweries cope with this monumental shift in public policy. No one was made aware of the hypecans being peddled, no updates to PASTRY TOWN, no one could even find out what old RECKLESS brewing was up to: pure social drought. So without the hypehose a-flowing, it was interesting to see just what effect the platform had on Monkish’s classic weekday releases. Turns out: basically no effect at all. Dudes still showed up in droves and the TIPA sold out by 5:30 p.m. I popped in and got the last two fourpacks and noticed an oddly familiar looking bottle: BLIND PUG. At first blush this seems very out of pocket for Monkish: WEST COAST IPA with Nelson, Citra, Galaxy, Centennial. Did Beachwood invade the premises and start clarifying the tanks pell mell? Julian Shrago is an invasive irish moss tossing species. The label is a clear tip of the cap to Vinnie, who high atop his max efficiency fermenters in Windsor granted the vassal Henry papal clemency to pay homage to his own Blind {animal} series. Despite this contravening their whole “NO MSG” platform from five years ago, Monkish demonstrates that they aren’t sequestered in egg drop soup, they can fish bladder with the best of them. It is a blast of classic grapefruit pith, zested tangelo, light chard, a long resinous finish along the gumline but maintains a composure with the Sierra Mist you often get with Motueka on the swallow. The nose is all old school Alpine, Pat and the abandoned Christian Book Store in the waft. Split lumber, arugula, black limes. It’s extremely refreshing we can only hope that this is a harbinger of diversity to come in the lineup. #brewing #craftbeer #IPA #hophead #instabeer #beerstagram

One thought on “Monkish Blind Pug, the hazemasters make a classic west coast ipa blessed by Vinnie

  1. Nice writing: referential and invocative and begging the question, when do we get a narrative, if for no other reason than nostalgia?

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