Little Beast is Turning out Sacchro Forward old School Farmhouse Bangers

@littlebeast_brewmaster has been bubbling away under the Pnw airlock for a bit now and in classic Oregon fashion, those selfish jerks just kept them to themselves. The old Colorado maneuver. These beers are oddly refreshing in that they are sacchro forward saisons in a world of monoculture nautical hull solvents. You get the grist and the esters, the grape must plays with the old bubble gum/big league chew swallow. In an even stranger move, the produce is hardly leaned upon and doesn’t serve to dominate the entire experience. Who the fuck is serving up restraint and nuance in 2019? Even grisettes are god damn Michael Bay affairs of road salt and warheads these days.

These beers feel out of place chronologically in the modern climate. The labels are kitschy and dated, the taste is akin to Cuvée du Jonquilles, it doesn’t have a pathetic sucrose crackle of carbonation that wisps away. Despite having RARE BEER on the label [?!] It’s good in a way that won’t set the trade boards ablaze, nor will this shine in a khaki stained Tampa taster glass. #saison #pnw #oregon #rarebeer #instabeer #beerstagram

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