LGVLABTOKF: Brewyard Beer Company


This is repost of sorts, but I needed to get these guys into the LGVLABTOKF canon, so deal with it:

The journey to @brewyardbeerco is an epic quest in itself. Located under a freeway overpass and at the end of a leaky industrial corridor of no fewer than six cranes and forklifts, it is a trek. The space itself is batshit crazy as there was a live band playing Rockabilly, old trucks turned into tables, a wall of toys strewn about, and what appeared to be a MUG CLUB. The beer itself seemed to have that odd German purity emphasis you would see from places in the early 2000s that usually warrants trepidation. The staff is amazing, super knowledgeable and approachable and couldn’t be nicer or more forthright. The fans seem to absolutely love every aspect of this whole affair even if the beer is nonstandard and undercarbed. There wasnt a single IPA on tap, which usually I would applaud, but this felt more oversight than ambitious. The dunkel was clean and without comment. The Weizenbock aged on Mahogany was also just fine. Jewel City was their common and it was really well done, only fitting that Golden Road just miles away also has a Jewel City IPA. Perfect. The entire experience compelled shoulder shrugs but no active complaints. It’s fine. I’m fine.

The name BREWYARD itself seems to get lost under a tide of innumerable similar breweries and beers. So it’s the furthest thing from false advertising. One thing that was clear across the board is that all of these beers are wayyyyy undercarbed, and some seemed to be served extremely cold.  There’s a certain eh, ambiance that you have to embrace coming to a brewery with a fucking live Rockabilly band, children, a wall of toys, and trucks converted into tables:

I mean if you’re on board for all that shit, then you will feel right at home in this weird, secluded gem that the locals seem to love. It bears noting that I spotted not a single person who appeared to be a beer nerd or really give a shit about the beer and everyone seemed to be having a good time, so it depends on what your market segment is.  They appear to be filling this “hey the beer is fine, who cares, Connor put the Jenga blocks down- HARPER HARPER!” sort of consumer.

So where do they rank in the LGVLABTOKF hierarchy?

1. Verdugo West Brewing

2. Dry River Brewing

3. Boomtown Brewery

4. Brewyard Beer Company

5. Indie Brewing Company

The mission continues, I am told I have a mere 79 more Los Angeles breweries to go.


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