Wow. Suarez Family Brewing Qualify Pils is yet another outstanding entry in the resurgent pils paradise.

Look at that god damn sustain. Just look at it. It’s like an American made telecaster just endlessly cascading and redoubling in structured late 90s foam party ebullience. That’s the tip of this fantastic pilsner, yet another entry in the march towards Czech resurgence in domestic markets. In a weird showmanship way, more and more experienced brewers are flipping back to Bavarian bangers to demonstrate their stripped down skill. This is incredibly reminiscent of @hillfarmstead Mary, and the underlying ferm fingerprint seems evident. It is incredibly crisp and refreshing, sourdough starter, ritz cracker, fescue and tufted perennials. The swallow is less traditional German pilsner but doesn’t go as far in herbaceousness [mount Hood?] as the likes of Pivo and it’s hard to dissect this beer as anything but a unified fleeting sensation. The taste to the swallow is nimble and exceptionally well done. My favorite pilsner of all time is @moonlightbrewing Reality Czech and, barring a less substantial mouthfeel, this comes dangerously close to grasping at that regal pilsner robe.

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