Lagunitas Super Cluster don’t make no damn sense

Lagunitas super cluster is a MEGA ALE whatever the fuck that is. It’s a bit of a misnomer in every sense since it looks like straight up two row and 8% abv. Back in my day we would cum into an ankle sock and call that a west coast DIPA. I dont even know if this is out yet since they sent it to me yesterday, but I am sure this will be in 12 packs for like $10.99 just completely destabilizing the grocery store competition. It’s an intensely citra driven beer that has a smattering of crystalesque body, that leans toward the early 2010 days of bittering, boil C-hops, olfactory dominated by them 60/15/0 kettle additions over the hamfisted Julius craze we are currently suffering through. It’s good, it’s fine, you can play God of War 4 and forget about it. Not everything needs to be some revelatorry R L Stine hopchiller. #IPA #hophead #hops #craftbeer #cerveza #birra #hops

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