2018 Smog City baoe goes hard in the paint.

For those who have been following DDB over the years, my long-standing love for BA OE is no secret. I loved this hidden gem back when it was draft only in 2012, in 2013 I won one of 12 (probably illegally) raffled bottles at a Beer Belly event, and have loved to watch this beer develop and grow with Smog City themselves. This is unquestionably the best beer that they make and any less competent brewery would buildout an entire program around it with bullshit pageantry and raffles and variants and reserve societies, marking it up exponentially. Not them Smoggers. It’s still the same price, increased quality, no absurd limits, and just god damn flawless execution.

This year’s blend returns to a more tightly wound HotD Adam from the Wood meets Kuhnehnn Bourbon Barrel Fourth Dementia. It has so much carmelized brown sugar, cream of wheat with Willett, creme brulee shell, peanut brittle, See’s Candy scotch kisses, and a depth of red fruit akin to Vacquereyes. The swallow is clean and imparts a faintly bittering oak and a full swallow drinks very similar to a rye manhattan or a less sweet Sazerac. The fact that this beer is being released tomorrow with no limits is bonkers to me. It is a style defining beer that continues to evolve and I never buy enough. They will be tapping the Barleywine is Life single barrel variant of BAOE at tomorrow’s show and that is somehow even better than the component blend. See you maltgarglers there. #BIL #barleywine

#malt #bourbon #rye #craftbeer #instadaily #birra #cerveza #cocktails #LABW #weekendbeer

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