Wren House Good Boy Wally is 90% fun and then the beat drops and the consequences are never the same

Have you ever ridden Splash Mountain? At first it’s all singing frogs and Br’er Rabbit and Uncle Remus and waitasecondisthisracist- Then a huge drop and you’re left what the fuck happened. That’s how Good Boy Wally drinks. The look is moderately cheery, one parts full pulp, one part flocculated miso broth. with a massive sustained carb. The nose is fantastic with street vendor guava, lukewarm mango, Bath and Body works herbaciousness and a touch of the Galaxy brush imparting like chard/arugula. The taste follows through with an oddly thin mouthfeel but without any fusel drag, apricot pith and Patchouli oil all like YOURE NOT MY REAL MOM YOU HAVE TO KNOCK IM JUST LISTENING TO SYSTEM OF A DOWN GET OUT. Then Uncle Remus shows up and this questionably antebellum affair gets offensive real quick. You brace for the drop after the swallow and shit goes off the rails, they’re taking your picture as your mangle countenance is twisted into malignant hoppy horror. The froth sprays and the adventure is over. The swallow is gone and there is tinny fanfare being piped in as you try to process how things went so shitty so quickly. The swallow is straight up landscaping bark and the pinnacle of dry hopping excess. If you have ever tasted that wasabi sludge from hop excrement in a fermenter you know how spicy I am talking. It burns with a twinge of novocain and incense bittering like you tasted hand soap. 90% of this is fun, then the alphas get way too alpha and oily. It is a functional error in dry hopping to this degree and it smashes the balance with diced green onion for a painful three seconds every swallow. #PHX #phoenix #TIPA #IPA #HOPhead #hops #beer #hoppybeer #weekend #instadaily #keto #whole30 #jakepaul #liltay #lilxan #RIPXXXtencion

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