Wren House Brewing Kingsnake is the second best beer they’ve ever made

@wrenhousebrewing crushed it with this bean splitter that seemingly came out of nowhere. The WHJ variants are usually good, but this is something entirely different altogether. First things first: this beer is extremely hot. If Pugachev levels of fusel backdraft are a deal breaker for you, then idk take your palate to the gym. It’s unquestionably wafty but a good section of that comes from spicy lively rye character. It’s this almost minty but evergreen Saz18 aspect from the barrels that plays extremely well with the vanilla character itself. The vanilla feels like a function of the malt and the oak itself and less a showy sidecar tacked onto this ice cream Vespa. The body is akin to the @cwbrewing anniversary stouts, substantial but not tooooo hefty with a drag that includes oily lipid Klondike bar swallow. It is a complete Vanilla Ryebuttal and reminds me of day before that beer was throttled to death by multiple cross country shipments and wasting away in linen closets. I have zero concept of how hard this is to land but this is exceptional and on par with the recent @morebrewing BA Vanilla caviar in scope and execution: exceedingly enjoyable.

[before I have to field questions, the tie for first is Who Hit John Grand Cru and Phoenix Down, obvi]

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