Smog City saison de miel is deceptively simple and entirely drillable

Some of @smogcitybeer wilds can be too acidic for me. This new foeder program has done awesome things for what may have previously been a bit too monoculture forward. The result is just perpetual brett on brett solera grinding, and we get bone dry honey saisons like this. The honey of course was metabolized down to nothing, that 1.000000000xx FG that drinks like a mineral forward Chablis. There is lemon verbena and a ritz cracker aspect on the swallow and the entire affair reminds me of a cross pollination between @caseybrewing east bank and @jesterkingbrewery Bier de miel. Extremely low acidity and almost old world body/mouthfeel. More and more breweries will start to eschew the enamel strippers and I welcome the shift back to the middle. In a move of great irony, getting back to center requires more work and oak and foeders and barrel fermenting. Such as with pilsners, getting to that simple elegance requires a recalibration of technique and attention to detail. I think people will really enjoy this as it’s wildly different from the likes of Kumquat Saison etc.

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