More Seven Stills Cans, ugh.

San Francisco has had this throbbing pearl over coining their own “style” of IPA lately. They already got Anchor Steam, it’s like FFS what more do these techies want. I wish they could just enjoy their $2m 420sf palatial estates in peace. When this new BRUT STYLE IPA was announced, it was immediately picked up by every corny shitty food blog this side of the Mission and heralded as some second coming of the hazecraze. I immediately got PTSD and thought of the yeast in Brooklyn Black Ops and then shifted to Deus/Malheur that no one is fucking buying anyway. You can go find some siiiick vintages of Brut beer caked in dust from a bygone era. So I have an open mind is that I am trying to say. I am super stoked to try the Grisette and 7S continues to push the envelope with this hype can series.

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