More Brewing S’More is pretty solid. It’s solidly fine.

Alright so attention seeking nonsense aside, I feel compelled to give @morebrewing S’More a fair shake, milk or otherwise. The culture surrounding this beer and the RAM lineage vacillates between wholly irritating, genuinely enthusiastic, or straight up manipulative. Whereever the consumer landed in this RAM spectrum, they checked all this emotional baggage and it was a connecting flight to More. Before this Beer was even released the Shaundolotry was already in full swing with dudes burning sleeves of graham crackers in solemn reverence. The hyperbole was lock step from “the best non ba Beer I’ve ever had” to “doesn’t need ba” to “shouldn’t trade for less despite no barrel.” The qualifiers were hilariously defensive and weaponized. But how does the beer taste? Henna is extremely well done across the board. The nose never pushes a Floridian confectionary syrupy aspect, the body shows restraint. It’s in the flawless strike zone akin to Parabola with cling that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It provides enough screen time to showcase the various kinda obvious hamfisted adjunct characters but you don’t get sick of any aspect, so basically, Infinity War.

The nose is easily the best part and it is absolutely magnificent. The chocolate and mallow wrestle for dominance like a Zero bar with the cracker serving more of an ancillary healer role with grist to temper the sweetness. The sheer extreme nature of this beer hits its marks but in a shallow expositional I AM A DESSERT declarative way. As a result taking down the entire bomber is a chore and it’s like listening to an entire Dragonforce album that is so grating that it become beleaguering by the end. It’s almost like on paper this was strictly designed to be spread around by mouth breathing dudes quoting Anchorman and Jeff Dunham in a Joliet backyard. Even having wasted half of it in immature flavor infusions, half a bottle was more than enough. If the short amusement and playtime doesn’t irk you, then you will dig what this brewery is up to as they clearly have talent but this suit is tailored for a certain aesthetic frame and it isn’t slim fit with a long attention span.

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