Seven Stills 747 takes us back to the weird days of Golden Strong ales. It’s fine. What

Golden Strongs are a weird beast to wrangle. On one hand you want to just cast them straight to the Tripel realm but that coat has estery sleeves ill tailored for the Golden frame. In other instances Golden Strongs can fall in this weird Guulden Draak zone that half of my readers have never even tried, inherently throw back. This is equally weird and leads with that spicy phenolic martinellis and prosecco thing that makes me long for other styles. If this were drier it would lean closer to the honey and white burgundy present in Curieux, but instead it’s fusel and too boozy for its tiny frame. It’s that aesthetic of saline DD’s tossed on a 00 body creating dissonance that is hard to reconcile. If you want to go further back, Captain Lawrence Golden Delicious is the best way to do this. This is kiiiiiiinda like that, but again it’s both too sweet and intensely wafty and you’re left with this Tyrant with one arm. I took half this to the Umbrella corp drain. I unlocked Jill’s alternate costume and I was almost a Jill sandwich. I still got mad love for @sevenstills tho.

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