Kuhnhenn Raw Dog BA eisbock: when Lager is life

One of the rare instances where Lager is Life. Kuhnhenn already herds goats on the reg with BB4d and bbbw canon 🐐 🚨 but this takes things to an absurd new level of toffee caramel booze soaked indulgence. At $50 for a 12oz bottle, the index for fucking around was registering empty. I usually wouldn’t bother to try and chase down a 90 bottle release a second time but god damn this was so good that I had to smash twice. Huge shout out to Brian Borger for letting me dip my sticky caramel wick in this bourbon inkwell again. This was on the ddb top 10 in 2016 and I been thinking bout thos beans ever since. 🐐

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