Cellar Maker lost wisdom is silently bodying these floccboiiarea dipshits

Jesus this @cellarmakerbrewing foeder saison is way better than it has business being. casey and HF regularly have shown how to reconcile the American acidity of Faux wild mixed ferm saisons with the gristy yeasty character of the old world and this marries those concepts beautifully. There’s a dialed in body with great Chablis and cut melon on the nose, wispy frothed 50/50 bar, and an intensely dry lemon verbena finish. While the rest of the Bay Area is still trying to get their toddler hazelegs gems like these silently snipe from the SOMA weeds with a .300 knockout OP AF. If you enjoy the simple clean and intensely drinkable white label series from @sideprojectbrew cf. the “unleveraged” offerings, you’ll love this funky gristy Citrine.

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