Monday Night Brewing don’t call it hotlanta. I won’t.

For the love of rhizomes. The idea of a quadruple dry hopped beer sounds like some self parodic Cringey UNILAD shit. LOLOL funny or die lampooned beer culture so hard, written by someone who only knows shit tangentially about the subject. But honestly, this take olfactory tones to “seventh grader bedroom” levels. This beer should come with a black light TOOL poster. It’s so Danny and resinous that it clicks into fucking arugula and shallot territory. It’s so god damn loud. One of those beers you open at a concert and you get knowing raised eyebrows from people who hit that milky cloud you just wafted. It’s that pungent. Not tropical, not hype slurry, it’s old school resin knife hits off the electric stove. The taste is so god damn dry, the oily profile has this like sauv blanc thing that’s not refreshing at all but Jesus I can scarcely imagine a west coast IPA that is this disruptive. It’s not elegant or nuanced, it’s a fucking 60 str wielding requirement that just pancakes your palates with dual handed alpha acid swings. Some dudes pay to watch people defile their cars. There’s a fetish for everyone even with drippy comes. @mondaynight continues to stay weird and I don’t know how to deal with it.

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