Bud Light Lime Coconut Rita is a tropical travesty

Bud Light Lime. Coco Nut Rita. We are reaching the depths of complete depravity with this one. It’s like how you thought World War II couldn’t get much worse after Stalingrad, then they develop a Hawaiian Tropic nuclear bomb. This is basically a novelty store candy soda with the wacky label. SPF rice lager. It pangs of if you melted coconut lip balm into some Sierra Mist and vapid dumb fucks will crush these at REHAB, thinking about their life coaches. It’s not just thin, it’s non beer. I can’t criticize 7up for having a sucrose body because it just is. But ostensibly this is supposed to be something beyond a teen pregnancy enabler. If you want to recreate this experience, take the rag used to wipe down tanning beds, dunk it into some stale Natty Ice, then wring it out into your waiting mouth. The swallow underscores the gross off flavors with a waxy synthetic car freshener bit. If you tossed an Answer label on this it would be razzling for $80 in tomorrow’s Mega. We get the beer scene we deserve and this is pure tropical depravity. 🌴

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