Barrel Culture Passion fruit Guava game over is easily top 10 worst beer of 2018.

Holy fuck this beer was nightmarish in scope and execution. Passionfruit and guava, the culture of the barrel, you might have some fanciful ideation of a fruited Flora or some nuanced casey cut: until you open the ark of the covenant and are reduced to dissolved nothingness. There are times when I will need to goldpan through beers that are merely okay to find salient points to discuss. Then there are beers like this where I need to parse down my litany of complaints to address a fundamentally broken beer with any degree of laconic readability. This isn’t just a beer derived wholly from swimming pool adjustment chemicals, it is outright excoriating and transcends “beer” into “nautical hull solvent.” To say that this beer is merely unmanageable or sour is unfair to the likes of Bruery Motherfunker which are problematic merely due to intensity. This is that odd Mario Creator thwomp hellscape of brackish atomic warhead tartness with a gumline eviscerating bicuspid melting sadness. If I can’t complete a deadlift, I wonder if its form driven or if I am merely too weak. This beer made me question the limits of what I could endure under the ambit of “recreational liquids.” I can’t even address the oak because it’s an intense shot of alternatingly acidic and basic lemon pledge to the bitter zones. I set it down and came back to it, and the heat pushed this almost into butyric acid zones, orange juice burp, eye watering fermented black limes. I don’t have anything constructive to add to this, I legitimately just feel bad because given how many dudes are trying to peddle @barrelculture on the trade boards there must be something of value but this is squarely within the ddb worst beers of 2018 as my introduction to this innovative brewery. I hope I am wrong in the future.

Julian Buck sent me this, port Mexican cake and scotch cake

For fucks sake, Julian pls.

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