Lost Abbey Amazing Grace is pure raisin nightmare fuel. A complete fermentation train wreck.

Alright Lost Abbey is back to their old circumspect ways with this complete fucking liquid disaster. Call FEMA, north county San Diego is in a state of complete tragic raisiny disarray. This isn’t just like veritas009 not good, it actively seeks to prove its shittiness to such a degree that I question whether this blend was intentional or just a random bung drawing like a key party and they married infected 10 commandments with gift of the magi aged on raisinettes. It’s tart and intensely red wine vinegar but don’t worry they included this gristy phenolic balsamic as well and a sky high intensely Fusel swallow to round out this Madea movie in beer form. It has zero redeeming qualities beyond making you appreciate every other beer more by contrast, it’s like getting a massive terrible layover in Ohio and then praising the shit out of even Spirit airlines just for getting you anywhere. It buckles and tear ducts and offers up waves of black cola, salad dressing, Paul Newman marinade, and the raisin is even oversteeped like a disgusting aged Sherry. Just when I was all set to praise the massive turnaround for old TOMME they hit me with this withered orchard rot haymaker. Plus I’m sure this bottle was like $41 or something, for fucks sake. It’s a prune suppository a2m. @lostabbey absolutely crashed the wild ale Chevy Sonic headfirst into the wall on this one.

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