Voodoo Zangief is for the old caskers the old palates the most pikedriven

Damn Voodoo keeps that strong punch air to ground with this one. This is strangely thinner than the Black Magick series but the ultra casking makes sense in that regard. It’s just dripping in ooooooold Staggy saturation, but without the heat that will light your chest up like a Hadoken. It is not sweet at all and is intensely oak and lacquer driven, if there is a “dry” massive stout then here it is. It’s the massive counterpoint to pastry in the respect that it is no frills just pure brewing skill framed with long aging and this silky body that is Megazord integrated. Nestle chips and woodshop shavings, the end closer almost has a lightly brackish aspect that is fantastic. But is it worth the insane cost of entry? It’s hard to answer, for a massive 12ozbottle of irreplaceable intense cask driven items, the most comparable item is the equally apeshit Ardea, which I guess is “less” ounce per ounce. Some dipshit will argue for his 2 year old bottle of Target InBev rare in a fancy Anthropologie box, and let them have that, go ahead and drop four times as much in a trade for this. It’s fucking stellar.

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