Finback/Horus Hawk and The Whale is pure Kopi Luwak sublimity

Holy smokes I had zero expectations for this @finbackbrewery and @horusagedales collab. Not a sleight to either of them but I hadn’t seen much buzz for this non ba kopi luwak stout. Then this comes out the gates swinging: spamming strong attack with no dodge rolls, unlimited stamina. If they barre age this, it will be worse. This does one thing and it does it incredibly: grinds my beans down to 14 micron. It’s so flawlessly integrated and threads the needle between bitter roast and oversteeped acidity. Outside of the old alesmith naturally aspirated coffee variant speedways you don’t see this. This is purely bean driven through and through and it wasn’t just buying expensive beans and hoping for the best. A level of care and discretion between how much coffee was used and the residual body keeps this from hitting max bell pepper zone. Any action that softens this body or long complex v60 swallow will be a neg to what this beer set out to accomplish, a low acidity kyoto endeavor that also happens to have a seamlessly integrated stout within the Barista Horse. The fall of Troy.

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