Lost Abbey rebooted saints and sinners society and it is shockingly well executed

The Lost Abbey Saints and Sinners club is real, and it is god damn ridiculous. I get a lot of mileage ribbing Tomme Arthur for Lost Abbey’s missteps: from the b2 ddb release, to the box set, to authenticating joel66’s yellow bus, to their price point: but this I simply cannot rip on. A few months ago I received the secret link noting that the long defunct saints and sinners society was back. I thought it was a ruse to soak old ddb for four bills but this is something else. I almost didn’t do it because, Jesus do I need another beer society? But wow. The purchasing, delivery system, communication, quality of merch: every aspect of it was seamless and not a smoldering plastic baby doll inferno. Also having BB serpents stout and peach veritas just dropped off in these jazzy Coheed boxes made my Saturday morning. So thanks @lostabbey for not banning me, I guess.

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