Goose Island made a masterpiece, but how is old King Henry holding up in anno domini year of our lord 2018?

Rumors about the death of the King seem to persist despite any monarch exhumation. It’s getting older, sure, perhaps not spry enough to secure the throne against the Revolutions or Anchorages, but it is still commanding in scope and stature. The light oxy is a knit blankie draped over the knees and the creaking wood of the FDR stavechair is giving way to a vintage comic book but the respect is still there. It’s tough to drop $200 on something like this when the likes of b2000 has deep throbby caramel vascularity and toffee grip. It’s akin to laying down a grand to see the AC/DC in their current form, which is still rocking, when a vibrant $12 post hardcore show will kick the malty piss out of you just as efficiently. This is still absolutely world class and a genre defining and perhaps stylistic changing entry in the canon that should be savored like a red wax @eastendbrewing Crow sliding in death and obscurity to the new citizens gaining new life every day. To fight valiantly and remain this exceptional for six years is wildly impressive. In life there is never death, only a cardboard rest.

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