Lost Abbey veritas peach is good. Shockingly good.

The veritas V0XX iterations of peach were good but a touch too acidic for me in the long pitted make out sessions, veritas peach goes more Haribo peach ring and fruit leather, less side project and more casey in execution and the end result is very good. I am steadily taking down the entire 750ml and that usually happens with like maybe HF or Sara offerings, so the gerd and esophageal reflux tones are on lock. I would love to fibrous tones or that musky brett B profile to offset the sweetness but it’s damn good and pushes back hard at it’s notable cost of entry. The base reminds of me phunky duck or that grapefruit pith of spontaneous cheer. Actually fuck this tastes a lot like SC, and maybe it’s that nostalgia for the Compunction era ticks but I want to believe that this is a heel turn for the blending program towards restraint and softer mouthfeel. It grabs at the hem of Persica 750ml b1, but fails to establish that god tier balance. Notwithstanding, easily one of the best lost Abbey beers I have had in a very long time and a flash to the RAM for what my expectations were. [ Editors Note: @lostabbey didn’t sponsor this, they don’t give a fuck about some dude with an acorn penis and a WordPress site, I bought this like the rest of you Dickensian beer peasants. I’m relatable.]

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