Half moon bay brewing is this unknown quantity that just put out the most silently stunning babw of recent memory


On 1/20 I couldn’t even rustle up any one hundred and twenty tones

I engaged in life instead and this unknown $8 shelf gem was incredible. Zero expectations and then it engaged the core and started in on some deep raisinette deadlifts. The lean mass on this thing did not indicate it’s latent power, it’s nimble enough to eschew residual sugars albeit without feeling insubstantial. @halfmoonbaybrewing killed it with this one. I heard some murmuring that Clark of @jackieosbrewery fame had some involvement with this beer and it shows. It has that attenuative thumbprint of intense barrel character and figs with a dusting of bakers chocolate and sugar daddies. The price to quality ratio is sky high, arguably some of the greatest disparity I have recently encountered this side of the $4 @thebruery White Oak fire sale. The next day I drove down to @gorillabbqmeat and saw this brewery that I had previously never even heard of. It’s nestled in this verdant outer realm of coastal fog and beautiful Oregon/new hampshire hybrid landscape. If they can do other styles even remotely as well as this, my staves are fully saturated.

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