Boulevard Rye on Rye remains exceptionally okay and the quality to cost to distro ratio is Rye high

People always ask me “ddb, when are you going to get those incisors fixed” then they ask me “where can I find some shelf barleywine? I am n00bing it hard and my pubes just arrived” the latter question is usually resolved with some massive Duvel held and distributed product or some degree of trapezius lifting when I’m supposed to know the distro for every single state ever and what every bottle shop in rural fucking Alabama carries. But usually my answer is 1] tiny @firestonewalker bottles in cardboard boxes or basically similar shit 2] @boulevard_beer BBBq or Rye on Rye or whatever. They are massively distributed, serviceable and present a 75% throttle to what life is capable of. Crushable yet complex with a comparatively thin body with a spicy undercarriage with no noise dampening. This has what Chrysler calls a “cabin forward design” with molasses and spice and mallow and pumpernickel like some bizarre TMNT pizza breakdown. Plus this is arguably the cheapest life approximation in the game while still being compelling.

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