Humulus Lager cans are here and these alone can redeem years of Bruery missteps. They are that exceptional

Pat Rick Rue

They lied to you.

When they said you couldn’t brew hoppy lagers

(So here it is, the end is near)

You lied, too, when You said never IPAs .

(Never would’ve thought that that’d be something you’d so easily discard)

Because The water profile is Softer…

(Now I see haze free so clear)

Than a…

(So it seems that when you turned to corporate funding, you…)

Thrift store…


Provisions store…

(A scar)

Terrieux store…

[my old Hoarders] Sweater.

Twice as worn in.

Twice as worn in.

Society dues cast away once,

But With humulus I will be found again.

This I promise you.

Promise you. [this is everything I hoped it would be almost years too late but this Alone will redeem any amount of Younting and these cans could carry the entire branding, they are as they have ever been and this is my favorite beer from them of all time, perhaps tied with 09BT and ba2TD, exactly what the current market needs and a flawless counterpoint to excess maybe even attendant to Placentia itself. I can’t recommend these cans enough, crisp grassy tangelo that is endlessly crushable and could redefine the extensions of the boullion London ale III floccbois. Exceptional]

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