This new Kuhnhenn Cherry eisbock is as ridiculous as you would expect it to be

Alright cherry eis-ees slurries like we shopping at Target on a srs pitted adventure.  These god damn fruited freezie adventures make no sense to me.  The raspberry is consistently robitussinal without a ton of age, the blueberry is majestic IHOP collarbone kisses, and they never released the rawdog non fruited non BA eis.  Then we have the BA line up of these that are a staggering $50 a bottle 1pp that basically change them from Urkel to Stefan instantly.  That’s some next level shit.  So understand my trepidation when I flexed my core and expected a buckshot of sucrets lossenges to the chest.  Interestingly, unlike the raspberry, this was actually less prmoethazine than expected and had some malty character deep down under all the jammy extravagance.  The blueberry is still decadent to a hilarious point and the barrel aged Eisies make all non barrel aged variants seem underripe and completely pointless.  However, contrasted to KRE this seems more approachable and like medicinal, muddled Mike and Ike’s in some grenadine reduction.  It’s absurd and over the top but in light of all these honeymouthed mead dipshits, this seems like South Beach Diet compared to what other consumers in Michigan and Florida are up to, talking about mead magnums and shit. Zoot suit riot eis down a cherry lagered beer.

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