Firestone Walker XV anniversary remains a top tier representation of what they are capable of, staves on full soak

@firestonewalker XV remains a god damn masterpiece and the most BiLtastic Life-forward blend to date. Excepting a few chocolates ropes of Parabola, this is a megazord of malty sativa barrels. Bravo, helldorado, double barrel, good foot for fucks sake, if you added Sucaba as the green ranger this would go full on raisinette Zordon. It’s a touch muddy from the years, light oxy, and carb is a bit wispy but god damn now that 13 is full on Kikoman, this is the heir to the barrel aged aftermath dynasty. Painful to drink glorified Velvet Merkin from this when they were cracking staves across peoples’ backs a half decade ago. We were so young. Drop kick that small format asshole into a barley Mako reactor and make it confront the malty past.

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