Our Mutual Friend fixed blade is a barleywine that holds up in Kingdom Hearts but gets shattered in bloodborne

@omfbrewing are saison masters based on prior showing, but the same thing that makes them shine in the farmhouse negs them like Mystery in the Life realm. It takes a deft hand to not roll out some flabby saccharine or in this case, something stitched too tightly, hitting routes too tight and outpacing their barrel coverage. It’s thin but in that amiable @cwbrewing sort of way where you nod and run the camcorder during the barleymentary school recital. It’s too gentle, it’s the soft spoken right swipe that doesn’t compel a second date. No means offensive but this gentle almond and Pinot noir, some watery nougat and currant. It’s far more red fruit than sticky pudding, and there is room in Life for all existence. This would be an absolutely excellent entry to a baby palate who is maltcurious because it is such a soft blankie out of the dryer that anyone could apprehend and snug with. Very good but not [Alpine] Great.

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