Zoom in to the zenith, clock out for your 30 to hit the monkish release

Zoom in on the zenith might as well be the same old world class god tier haze that @monkishbrewing released today. You would think that all these resolutionist assholes crowding the gym would also represent some floccing hazebois but that Venn diagram apparently does not share a shaded penumbra. Dudes with peach vape pens piling out of busted Integras wearing Diamond Supply Co shit shockingly do not meaningfully interact with free weights. But the beer is excellent. Pillowy soft, absolutely zero resin, light chalky minerality to the swallow like apricot pith. Complaining about the samey nature of these beers is laughable when 245 maladjusted dudes show up in two hours notice, wheezing and drinking full throttle to stay awake. So apparently no news is fantastic news if you are a god tier slurry purveyor.

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