Dewey beer co gobstopper milkshake sour is exactly as batshit crazy as it sounds

As much as I horse around ribbing these cringey new beer trends, somehow this @deweybeerco gobstopper milkshake sour didn’t get in its own way. Not quite enamel stripping kettle sour, not as sweet as a jammy otter pop gose but far far from a hazy IPA. It’s a god damn chimera of market trends. The owner, Mr Dewey was in a board room meeting clutching a copy of @draftmag and he goes “WE NEED TO BE DOING THIS GOD DAMN IT” “uh which sir?” “START DOING ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME IMMEDIATELY!” And then some hapless brewer in Delaware got fired Bc there was a Dortmunder on the brew schedule white board. It reminds me of when Ubisoft tries to pack game ideas from every genre and you’re left wondering why you are picking slant route plays in Assassins creed. It’s a lot but it masters none. That being said if you enjoy the next logical iteration of fruited malt beverages then this is an excellent choice.

#dgm [actually water nucleation] #fakebrews

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