Makers mark is some sad uncle bourbon but this makers private select Garfield is like successful pop warner coach tier

God damn, what a dizzying world of difference care and gentle stave massaging does. That wheaty wagyu corn fed juice. Normal ass makers is airport bourbon, 46 is fancy applebees, barrel proof is what you get a boss when he pays you $15 an hour, but somehow this is far more compelling than the lineage would connote. There is a wallop of raisin and dry mallow dipped lacquer. It’s probably the same 6 year type of shit at $80 but it feels much more refined in execution without that wincey underripe cereal milk white lightning can exhibit. If you are like me too poor to justify dropping $350 on a phc8, this is kinda like how a 300c “looks” like a Bentley. It’s solid and sure I would prefer Bookers most of the time, but understand how basement low my expectations were and how hard it shoryukened me into the fourth floor. Thanks @seant9689 FO the EBT wheater donation in my alms dram

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